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Whether you are using windows, cup wheels, rings or segments (with and without locating foot) grind - from standard corundum and sintered in keramischer- or resin bond:


It always depends solely and alone on the optimal grinding performance.


Our grinding tools provide excellent properties in excellent shape cutting action, self-sharpening effect, lower average temperature and high dimensional accuracy.



Our wide range enables wide applications in precision grinding with transverse or rotary table - the pendulum or full-face methods.

Our inexpensive standard program covers the materials described next door - to the highly porous sintered corundum grinding tools for hard tool steels.


We manufacture grinding segments with almost all popular shapes. For discus grinding we also offer matching mounting bracket ready.


Our most sought after and sold types are:



517A, the general purpose grinding wheel for soft and hardened steels up to 58HRC and non-ferrous metals


3A our best-selling Sinterkorundschleifscheiben. Ideal for grinding high-alloy and hardened tool steels.


our bestseller !
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